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Entangled Audio is debuting a new listening format/app called "Wasted LPS". Long Player Stream (LPS) is an application where fans can engage with their favorite artist’s song, instead of passively listening to playlists on Spotify or Apple Music while running, driving or sleeping. This new platform allows the fan to change the genre of a song while their setting changes as well. The different listening settings include games that artists create for their fans. Please click the button above to download The 5:55's version of LPS. Android version will be released shortly. Enjoy!

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  • Traditionally, online content has been difficult to monetize

  • World events have forced the music industry to find new products and innovate immediately

  • The music business needs a new format. After vinyl, there was the cassette, then the CD, then streaming but there has been no new format since.

  • Streaming music has been promising but needs to get more creative and diverse as a paradigm (streaming lacks engagement and encourages passive listening)

  • Other industries, such as gaming and sports, offer big opportunities for new hybrid music products but it has traditionally been hard to make an impact across industry lines.

  • With traditional music business models, the song is always the same. In certain cases, there are several remixes, live versions or acoustic versions of that same song, but they are scattered and hard to find. Those alternate versions also always stay the same. Once they are released, they never change.


  • LPS (Long Player Stream) is a revolutionary new format for the music industry. It’s a long playing version of a musical artist’s latest release that can be embedded into gaming environments (i.e, Fortnite, Animal Crossing, The Sims) or used as a standalone app.

  • LPS brings many different versions of a song together and stitches them into a continuous interactive experience that changes with the listeners movements in a gaming environment. The result is a seamless experience where listeners, by their actions, are making a custom version of the song. In LPS, listeners could be exposed to a song for hours as opposed to hearing the same 3 minute version intermittently.

  • Musical Artists can also use the LPS format to give the listeners exclusive content, contests and virtual meet and greet type access. The format is fully customizable to the artists’ taste and the artist can tie merchandising to every aspect of the experience.

  • Listeners have the opportunity to share their unique versions of the song with other listeners via social media

  • LPS provides many different opportunities for advertising. Ads can show up as clickable assets within the LPS ecosystem that go directly to shopping links to purchase items seen in the game.

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